If you have lost your 2FA device, or forgotten your secret keys, please respond to this email by providing us with the following information for your 2FA deactivation:

1. The information you used while setting up your account, such as your full name and last 4-digit of your BVN.
2. The date and amount of your last transaction.
3. A picture of you holding a Valid ID Document, a white paper with the words "Patricia" and “today’s” date on it.
4. The reason(s) you are requesting the change.
5. Your registered email address.

NB: The approved government-issued ID could either be your National ID, NIN Slip, Voter's card, or Driver's license.

We will respond to you within 24 working hours after all the correct details have been received and confirmed to match the information we have.

Pllease submit the requirments through this link